Im a Registered Nurse with 30 years experience in just about everything except cancer. It wasn’t until my own startling diagnosis in 2009 that I found myself suddenly getting a crash course in something I hadn’t banked on needing to know. But because everything you do prepares you for the next thing you have to do; so was the case with my nursing background. It translated well and helped me find my way out of a very grim reality.

March 2012, and a raging recurrence later, a local physician suggested to my now ex-husband that I should investigate alternative and other non-chemo options for my now stage 4 cancer and showed us the Protocel pages from the book "Out Smart Your Cancer" by Tanya Harter Pierce. This book as well as other valuable resources guided and supported me as I chose the path less traveled. I was also fortunate enough to have three out of ten tumors that I could actually feel and measure…So every Sunday we would get out our dime store ruler and document the dimensions with a noticeable response to Protocel in just a few weeks. I had another PET/CT scan on June 25, 2012 which showed significant partial response and most recently a PET/CT November 2, 2012 that is calling me NED. (No Evidence of Disease) Now, my story is no longer hearsay but has scientific, evidence-based results.

This website is a compilation of my weekly diary entries that start with day onewhen I was full of cancer, and continue through the end of the year of having no cancer. Im not an herbal hippy, non-conformist or even a circus side show; I’m a mother, daughter, sister, nurse and friend who could see that the mainstream conventional approach to cancer would be the end of me. I had faith in an alternative path and at the same time, found journaling my experiences to be cleansing and therapeutic. This website allows my testimony to be available to anyone who chooses to read it and honors my own personal commitment to God to share my story. I am blessed to have lived this miracle and I believe miracles deserve to be shared.

My Cancer Specifics:

I was first diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma (Breast Cancer) December 1, 2009 at 47 with a 2cm lump in my right breast (ER+/PR+/Her2-) and underwent a Bilateral (double) Mastectomy with tissue expander reconstruction. (Jan 2010) A week later they found I had micro-metastasis to the first sentinel node and I went back in to have 19 nodes stripped out from my right armpit. "All clean" but I was still considered a stage IIb.

My Oncotype DX score was 16 (1-20) and that score determined my chances of a having a recurrence with or without chemo. I was given a 10% chance of my cancer coming back if I didnt take it and a 9% chance with it. So what did I do with a 1% difference? Right…No chemo! I took Tamoxifen faithfully for 1.5 years instead. I had beautiful results with my 'foobs' and had nipples/tats done which completed the reconstruction process in 7 months. I had an un-eventful recovery and was able to maintain full time employment.

In November 2011 I felt a new lump at 3 o'clock on my R reconstructed breast just below my incision line. I thought it was a fat necrosis (benign scar) as I had a couple of those from fat grafting, so I 'watched' it for a month to avoid more unnecessary diagnostics. However, the night before I was prompted to make my appointment with the Oncologist, I discovered another lump on my mid back. I thought they were cysts but needle biopsies confirmed them to be positive for an ER+/PR+ Her2- recurrence on Dec 1, 2011...2 years to the day. 9 nodules total but scattered throughout my chest wall, hylar node of my lung and cutaneous tissue of my abdomen and R buttock (this one was the size of a grape but in deep tissue so un-measurable.)

So now I'm a Stage IV, or what I like to call Breast Cancer 2.0.

In January 2012 I had a medi-port put in, took a mercy rotation of Taxol (with no prior chemo-sensitivity testing) once every three weeks for a total of 3 doses. My hair fell out and I transitioned to hats and wigs. I had a scan on March 1st that showed the Taxol wasn't working...as a matter of fact, I had progression. Some of the nodes were smaller, some were the same size, some were bigger and I grew a new one and now there were 10 tumors. So, stop Taxol and remove my ovaries. (I had a hysterectomy about 15 years ago but kept those) The plan was to go on an experimental-off label-not even a clinical trial-combination of Afinitor and Aromasin. I won't spend a lot of time on this, just suffice it to say, I am still here writing to you but there are beautiful women who have not been so lucky.

2 more scans in June 2012 and again in November 2012 confirmed that Protocel was not only working, but had rendered me cancer free just 8 months later! Because of Protocel I have been planning my future instead of my funeral. I have embraced this treatment with a 100% faith in Jesus Christ and 100% positive attitude and since starting this formula, I am happy to report that I have been Beating Cancer Without Breaking a Sweat!


~Update: in the fall of 2016, just 4 years shy of holding my radical remission record, the journey of Cancer 3.0 began again and continued to stay, well into this writing on 8-8-2018…but it’s still not killing me.  I got divorced, moved across the country, found a dream job and settled in with my blessed life…only to be blessed again!  Sometimes you have to look at a recurrence as a blessing because I found that the Lord needed me to tell this story 3 times for it to finally be realized that Protocel is a kinder, gentler, non-toxic way of killing cancer, and eventually…more and more folks will have this Glory be to God moment.   

My recurrence came back the same way it did before (cause that’s how cancer works) with chest wall nodules, hylar node lesion…blah blah blah and a new ‘marble’ in my para-spinal space/mid back (thoracic) that was glowing bright and not responding to Protocel.  I played around with it for 2 years…stopping Protocel, starting Protocel…altering my dose…doing this, doing that until I finally relented to burning the stubborn tumor with paliative radiation (10 baby dose sessions at 60% voltage) and 100% Prayer and Protocel compliance and had great success! Seriously….They totally blasted it to smitherines and it worked! And it wasn’t horrible!  Sometimes you have to recognize that all modalities need each other in some way or another.  The combination of alternative and conventional therapies worked for me.  Bonus…Protocel is once again written in the conventional books of wisdom.  HA!

Next year (2019) will be my 10 years survivor mark since my initial diagnosis and I don’t look much worse for the wear.  As a matter of fact, most people find it very hard to believe that I’ve been dealing with this as long as I’ve been dealing with it.  After so many years on Protocel, I’ve got tolerance issues, I’ve got receptor issues and I’ve got discrimination issues, but I tell you what…I’m still beating cancer without breaking a sweat and there is no reason why I can’t keep going on for years.  I don’t need to throw a bunch of money to the cancer centers I just need to share the good word of Jesus Christ and this miracle he’s given me because Jesus loves to heal people! (It might even be His favorite thing to do! J )


I will continue to pay for hosting and domain names for this website as long as I am able.  This is a FREE guide to anyone who wishes to use it and to learn from it.  And remember, there isn’t a day that God has not seen, so anything is possible! 



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